Spanish is the second most popular second language after English with over 400 million speakers around the world. A Level Spanish is a stimulating and challenging course which aims to develop the student’s love of the language by using it to discuss aspects of modern day society and analysing its grammar in greater depth. The A Level will develop and improve ability to read, write, speak and listen in Spanish.

Students develop skills of communication, problem solving, organisation and independence. The ability to speak a foreign language is desirable by many of the large industrial employers in the UK. Increasingly large multinational companies are asking for fluent Spanish speakers within their business.

Careers followed by those who study Spanish include Business, Tourism, Politics and Teaching as well as Translation and Interpreting. Spanish is highly regarded by universities and can also be a gateway subject to allow you to study other languages. Numerous universities offer combined courses, which means you can study two subjects, a foreign language together with another, and a completely different subject.

You will study environmental and political issues and also analyse Spanish films, giving you the opportunity to develop your interest in the Spanish culture further.

Topics include:

  • Youth culture and concerns
  • Lifestyle; health and fitness
  • The world around us (travel, tourism, environmental issues and the Spanish speaking world)
  • Education and employment

In addition to the Sixth Form entry criteria, students wishing to study this subject are required to have a minimum grade 6 in Spanish at GCSE and a good pass at English Language or English Literature at GCSE (or equivalent)

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