Physics is a stimulating and challenging subject which our students find very interesting and rewarding. You will start to have a better understanding of the universe around you, including the behaviour of atoms and sub atomic particles.

Physics develops your mathematical and logical skills in both familiar and unfamiliar situations and improves your logical thinking. Physics is a highly regarded and sought after subject because it demonstrates that you are good at problem solving, you are numerate and articulate and you are able to present arguments logically and precisely.

Studying Physics at Calday will nurture a passion for the subject and lay the groundwork for further study in science or engineering. Students from previous years have gone on to study and follow careers in Physics, Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Law, Physiotherapy, Accountancy, Business, Electronics, Pharmacy and many other areas.

  • Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity
  • Mechanics, Materials and Waves
  • Fields and Further Mechanics
  • Nuclear Physics, Thermal Physics

In addition to the Sixth Form entry criteria, students wishing to study this subject are required to have a minimum grade 6 in Physics, or two grade 6 in Combined Science, plus a grade 6 in Mathematics at GCSE (or equivalent).

You should enjoy Mathematics, particularly algebra and trigonometry as Maths is used in most lessons.  If you don’t study Maths in Year 12, we will arrange for you to attend one lesson a week in order to develop your mathematical skills for this subject.

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