Government & Politics is a fascinating subject for those interested in current affairs. The course is a highly contemporary one, in which students are rewarded for their knowledge of topical issues.  You will learn about such things as democracy, electoral systems, political parties, pressure groups and policy-making in both the UK and the USA.  Government and Politics will appeal to those who enjoy political debate and discussion.

Students will develop their research and debating skills. The subject requires good literacy and written communication as well as the ability to formulate an argument and both write and speak persuasively. You will also learn how to distinguish fact from rhetoric, giving you a better understanding of your world.

Government and Politics can be the first step to further study in law, journalism, PPE, international relations or public policy. It combines well with History and Economics within a suite of subjects at A Level.

The course involves the study of power and the operation of democracy within the context of the UK and the US. There is a broad study of UK Government and Politics.

  • UK Politics: Democracy and participation, political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media
  • Core Political Ideas: Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism
  • UK Government: The constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and the executive, relationships between institutions
  • Non-core Political Ideas: Nationalism
  • US Politics: the US constitution and federalism, US Congress, US Presidency, US Supreme Court, democracy and participation, civil rights

In addition to the Sixth Form entry criteria, students wishing to study this subject are required to have a Grade 6 in History or English language or literature. A keen interest in current affairs is highly desirable.

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