Unleash Your Potential at Calday Sixth Form – A Hub for Aspiring Young Women

Embark on an inspiring educational journey at Calday Sixth Form, a vibrant and diverse community that welcomes a dynamic group of about 200 new students annually, including exceptional young women. Our students, coming from various schools across Wirral, consistently choose Calday for its rewarding and enriching opportunities.

Empowerment through Sports and Enrichment Activities

Dive into our extensive range of sports and enrichment activities, specifically tailored to empower our female students. Join our competitive sports teams in Netball and Rugby, and be a part of a growing legacy. We’re not just about competition; we’re about building camaraderie, fostering a sense of achievement, and encouraging the development of leadership skills.

Academic Excellence in a Nurturing Environment

At Calday, we celebrate the academic prowess of our female students. Thrive in our dynamic and inclusive learning environment that caters to the unique strengths of each student. Our mixed school setting provides a balanced perspective, promoting mutual respect and understanding.

Exceptional Pastoral Care and Student Voice

Your well-being is our priority. Experience our exceptional pastoral care with dedicated support that addresses the specific needs of our female students. We listen to you through regular student voice initiatives, ensuring your opinions shape our community. This approach has led to glowing testimonials, with students expressing immense satisfaction with their decision to join us.

Join Our Transformative Educational Community

Choose Calday Sixth Form for a transformative educational experience where academic success, enriching experiences, and a supportive, inclusive community converge. Here, every young woman is poised to unlock her full potential and chart a course for a remarkable future.

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