For students who enjoy Maths, the course provides a challenge and a chance to explore new or more sophisticated mathematical concepts. It enables students to distinguish themselves as able Mathematicians in their applications for university and future employment. In general, the Further Mathematics course looks to further develop the abilities to reason logically, to generalise and to construct mathematical proofs, to extend the range of mathematical techniques and use them in more difficult problems.

Further Mathematics qualifications are highly regarded and are welcomed by universities. Some university courses require you to have a Further Mathematics qualification and others may adjust their grade requirements more favourably to students with Further Mathematics.

Having a Further Mathematics qualification identifies you as having excellent analytical skills, whatever area you are considering for a career. Demand for jobs with science, engineering and technology skills is set to grow and all these jobs require Maths skills.

  • Further Maths A Level is studied alongside Maths A Level which means that you will end up with two A Levels at the end of the two year course
  • In Year 12 we study the AS Level work from both the Maths and Further Maths schemes and then in Year 13 we move on to the A2 Level of work of Maths followed by Further Maths.
  • The Maths course is divided equally into pure content and applied content, where the applied content is both statistics and mechanics
  • The Further Maths course is also divided equally into pure and applied content but the applied content is statistics, mechanics and algorithms. Most of the topics in Further Maths build on what is learnt in the Maths course and raising the level of challenge.

In addition to the Sixth Form entry criteria, students wishing to study this subject are required to have a minimum grade 8 in Mathematics at GCSE (or equivalent). This is due to the demanding nature and pace of this course. Your algebraic skills need to be good and you must enjoy Mathematics. This course is studied alongside Mathematics.

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