One in five people on the planet speaks Mandarin Chinese. To study Chinese means to study a culture and a way of life. Students will understand the values, struggles, sensibility, joys and sorrows of this civilisation. Studying this subject will help you to understand what is behind the language, what makes it powerful, and how the language functions in Chinese society. To be at ease and effective in a Chinese environment, knowing about the culture behind the language is equally as important as learning the language.

By learning the language students are equipped with a valuable tool for engaging with a nation that is re-shaping the world as we know it and developing an awareness of this land’s immense cultural legacy.

Languages qualify you for a wide range of employment. Your skills will open up numerous paths with an international dimension and you will also have excellent all-round communication skills making you a strong contender for openings in business services, marketing, advertising, management, banking or communications.

The course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of foreign language learners. A set of topic areas such as Social and Cultural aspects of modern China, History and Film studies give an exciting opportunity to explore the largest country of the Far East. Students will develop their ability to communicate confidently and effectively in Chinese, and consider the study of the language in a broader context. The course also covers the culture and society of one or more countries or communities where Chinese is spoken.

In addition to the Sixth Form entry criteria, students wishing to study this subject are required to have a minimum grade 6 in Chinese and a grade 5 in English Language or English Literature at GCSE (or equivalent).

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